Battery Sales & Replacements

A Vehicle Battery Has Several Important Functions
Providing power to the starter motor, ignition system, fuel system and other electrical devices Storing energy Providing power to electronic components like radios, clocks, door locks, alarms, when the vehicle is switched off.
When the engine starts running, the charging system takes over to provide electricity to the various vehicle electrical systems. The battery cable terminals connect the battery to the electrical system. The battery also works as a stabiliser for the entire electrical system of your vehicle. To achieve optimal performance and avoid possible damage to your vehicle’s electrical system, you need to keep your battery in good condition. The following procedures will help to ensure your battery is maintained in good condition:

Battery Replacement Service Includes

  • Visual inspection of the battery
  • Utilising test equipment to check cranking amp capacity of the battery
  • Removing old battery and replacing with a new one
  • We Stock Batteries To Suit Most Makes And Models.


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